Surfacing Exhibition - 2021

Boundless Anew

November 4 - Opening Reception

This year’s exhibition, Surfacing will harness the creative force gestated in this pandemic period and chronicle the new directions of recent works. This pandemic has been a unique time of introspection and solitude and artists have taken this opportunity to break complacency, reignite passions and discover unforeseen thematic and artistic possibilities. This exhibition will explore these challenging times through art created out of moments of frustration, vulnerability, strength, hope, and gratitude. Dates vary depending on the venue.


Opening Reception:
Thursday, November 4

Gallery Hours:
280 E Cordova Street
1 hour prior to performances
and Nov 20-21, 11am-2pm
* proof of vaccination required to visit gallery

Featuring works by: Polly Almond, Nadia Baker, Suzy Baker, Andrea Des Mazes, Dorothy Doherty, Deanna Fogstrom, Anne Gaze, Mat Holmstrom, Cliff Kearns, Dzee Louise, Julie McIntyre, Bronwyn McIvor, Sonia Mocnik, Ann Robson, Sherri Rogers, Claire Sower, Rose L. Williams

see here for opening reception dates of other venues.

Eastside Culture Crawl 2021

Eastside Atelier
1310 William Street
Studio #3

Welcome to another Year of the Eastside Culture Crawl

Please Note:

I am still in the same building at 1310 William Street. The building simply has a new name.

I have moved spaces inside the building however, and can now be found in studio #3, very close to my previous studio, just off the lobby at the top of the stairs. I look forward to seeing you and sharing with you the work I have been developing over the past year.

Invasive Systems - Collisions Festival

Invasive Systems - Collisions Festival

November 8-10, 2019

I am very excited to be one of the collaborating artists selected to participate in Curiosity Collider’s Invasive Systems Exhibition during their Collisions Festival. I will be exhibiting Crossing.

Invasive Systems is a three-day interactive festival exploring the influences of ecology, technology, & infrastructure on our inner and outer lives, and how we can understand our observations from both scientific and artistic perspectives — are these influences desirable, inevitable, or preventable?

Through Crossing, an interactive puzzle painting, you will examine how microbial colonies that communicate like our nervous system can impact our behaviours and the processes in our body. Invasion alarms ring – when their interactions with our bodies, particularly our brains, become undesirable or a threat.

I look forward to seeing how people will interact with the piece and how they will react to the challenge. In anticipation that the piece will reflect the level of difficulty of this problem, and how scientists have yet to solve this health puzzle, I will be providing some hints to help you along!

(perhaps the hint window photo here)

I hope you will be able to join us at the opening night of Invasive Systems on November 8th!

Other collaborative projects exhibiting include DNA sonification by Laara Cerman and Scott Pownall, and a projection sculpture by Kat Wadel and Garth Covernton. As well, there will be a number of artists exhibiting work considering the theme of invasive systems. It will be a fantastic night and show. Don’t forget to check out the workshops and tours also being offered over the weekend!

Here is a link for more information and for tickets: Invasive Systems